Yesternight Yes Tonight | 琴晚

by Zhaoze

Instrumental, no lyrics. 走出大厦,一阵闷热涌至,比挣扎穿出了雾霾的阳光更迅猛。我仿似从某个时空穿越回来,才刚刚醒转,而清醒时的烦懑更叫人心慌。
Instrumental, no lyrics, but there is a relevant poem: 镜子 两鬓灰花皱脸 屋檐 半生编织巢网 车窗 一只挣脱纸鸢 茶馆 数杯微澜旧忆 犹未已 卅载断续相思 ——海亮 Hoyliang
亥时 闭上眼望星 21:00 Stars In My Closing Eyes 作词:海亮 Lyrics: Hoyliang (cantonese) 闭上眼 城市灯光消散 泛起心底记忆星空 是那样璀璨 童年时 我爱发问 沉默星空正好倾诉 夜深 我会信 自有得意秘密 藏在光影转弯一角 在跳跃歌唱 思绪在飞 呵 从不知倦疲地 想象 (mandarin) 旋转 在闪耀 车儿粼粼船儿穿行 我骑着马儿和流星追逐 咿呀 咿呀咿呵 (cantonese) 已远去 独有琐碎与倦疲 明白当初简简单惊叹 已告别不再 光阴在飞 在拉扯我倒退 那 快追上 (mandarin) 旋转 我闪耀 亿万斯年如一瞬间 再没有恐惧孤单彷徨 咿呀 咿呀咿呵 啦 啦 啦 嘿呀 嘿 咿呀 咿呀咿呵
Instrumental, no lyrics. 孤独的影子会跳舞
丑时 二维 乙未篇 01:00 Two Dimensions 2015 作词:海亮 Lyrics:Hoyliang I have turned right Then I'll go back I know I can go forward Even walk across the line Cause I am free So that I can make a choice I also know that before I go Might well stay a little while   Yes I am free So that I can make a choice But I found that no matter where I go I can not go out of this surface   But I found that no matter where I go I can not leave this surface
Instrumental, no lyrics, but there is a relevant poem: 推门甫惊醒 稚儿笑惺忪 未问归何晏 倏忽睡已浓 ——海亮 Hoyliang
Instrumental, no lyrics. 加班狗与晨歌与清脆的阳光


Zhaoze - Yesternight Yes Tonight

It's the first album recorded with an eletrical Guqin on the world.
Hoyliang had been playing electric Guqin quite many years, but it is the first time that he used it to record an album, while he had record the earlier albums with the acoustic Guqin.

Although Guqin is the most traditional chinese string instrument with more than 3000 years history, Zhaoze think that Guqin can be played in a contemporary way, and Guqin can also use to describe the emotions and stories of nowadays, like they did in this album.
It is a concept album, they came up an idea that setting background in Guangzhou, a modern city, and telling 7 different stories of 7 different people happened during sunset in 5 p.m. to sun rise in 5 a.m..

What’s interesting about this album is that the cantonese pronunciation of the album’s Chinese name——“qin wan” is a homophone for the Chinese words——“yesternight”, although the meaning of “qin wan” is “the night of Qin” (Qin is Guqin’s ancient name).

It's mainly instrumental, but 1 song with lyrics in both cantonese and mandarin, and 1 song with lyrics in english. Hoyliang said, chose different language to writing the lyrics, also can be regarded as a symbol, as Guangzhou is also a multi language environment.

And, there are 5 songs that Hoyliang used a cello bow to play the Guqin, and there are 3 songs that he played Xiao, a kind of chinese flute. Seasean had been playing the glockenspiel while he‘d been playing drums simultaneously in 5 songs. Roy had played melodica in the last song, after he playing it in the album Cang Lang Xing 5 years ago.

This time Zhaoze no more limited in its usual Guqin mixing Post-rock style, tried to blend with more new elements in its music, like Post-punk, Canton-rock, Shoegaze, Folk, Math-rock, Jazz, Classical, etc..

The album is including with CD and DVD with the same length of time. The DVD part is a some kind new style video that difficult to classify, it's a documentary about partial recording process, and is also a virtual concert about peforming of the album, which filming in the rooftop of a building, while it is also a scenery video of Guangzhou's streets views.

The first release of the album in China is a USB disk special version, and the sleeve is a cup which can also be taken to drink.


released October 11, 2015

Hoyliang: Guqin, Xiao, Vocal
Littledream: Guitar
Roy: Bass, Melodica
Seasean: Drums, Glockenspiel

Music composing/ Arranging: Zhaoze
Creative director/ Producer/ Lyrics: Hoyliang
Midi arranging: Zhaoze
Mixing/ Mastering: Park
Recording: Park, Zhaoze

Art design: Seasean
Drawing: Chaos
Calligraphy: Liang Dexing


all rights reserved



Zhaoze Guangzhou, China

沼澤Zhaoze, the one and only, electrify Guqin (most traditional Chinese instrument), and combines it with Post-rock, Progressive rock and more, makes up a unique imaginative sound spectrum, to provide a soulful, dreaming and beautiful poetic world.

Hoyliang: Guqin, Xiao, Vocal / Littledream:Guitar / Roy:Bass, Melodica / Seasean:Drums, Glokenspiel
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