Cang Lang Xing (Azure Star) | 沧浪星

by Zhaoze



The first Guqin based album of zhaoze, and the fifth album of zhaoze.

Zhaoze is a band with the special view of the sound. They surf with music by the boat to make dreams-making cross over between the time-lost field which is a place with falling trees and the setting sun as if you are listening to the ancient stories travelling the memory of the old time story.
The ancient instruments mix together with the modern ones to make the sound more colorful and different.

Sometimes a good painting stays in your mind because of where it's blank – and so it is with Chinese string instrument the guqin, which always leaves infinite space for imagination after those trembling and provocative picks. This instrumental release from Guangzhou-based post-rock veterans Zhaoze (aka The Swamp) – is one of the few efforts that makes the guqin take the lead, rather than burying it as decoration.

Opener ‘Yáo Lán Xīng’ (The Cradle Star) has jazz touches on the cymbals plus scattered notes from the Chinese instrument that defines the album. It’s an announcement of grander chapters to come. ‘Luò Mù’ (Falling Leaves) then introduces the guqin as the chief melody maker, supported by Mogwai-esque feedback and spacious distortion. It’s surely the album’s highlight. It all ends with ‘Cāng Làng Shéi Yǔ Yóu’ (Who'll Sailing With Me, In The Azure Sea) – an 11-minute symphony with keyboard effects, while the guqin fades away into infinite space. (Written by WG@<Timeout Beijing>)


released December 18, 2010


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Zhaoze Guangzhou, China

沼澤Zhaoze, the one and only, electrify Guqin (most traditional Chinese instrument), and combines it with Post-rock, Progressive rock and more, makes up a unique imaginative sound spectrum, to provide a soulful, dreaming and beautiful poetic world.

Hoyliang: Guqin, Xiao, Vocal / Littledream:Guitar / Roy:Bass, Melodica / Seasean:Drums, Glokenspiel
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